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Kids Clothes Week Challenge, Day 2: Bibs, large and small

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Last night, I made bibs. I’ve been meaning to make some bibs for months, ever since he started needing them, because it seemed like such an easy, quick project, and one that would be great for gifts. And it is! Easy, quick, great for gifts.

On the other hand, last night’s bibs demonstrate yet another of my personal craft issues: I’m sometimes careless. Take, for instance, the first bib I churned out last night, over the course of yet another 3-hour marathon. Cute, right? But look at it overlaid with the bib it should have been modeled on. See how it’s way, way bigger?

In adding seam allowances and attaching multiple parts together, I let it grow and grow, and never rechecked the template I’d made against the original. Do five year olds wear bibs? Because I’ve got one available.

So, back to the drawing board I went, and made a new template, of more reasonable size. This time I was determined to make a pocket, and to make it reversible. It totally worked. It is adorable. But the reason that one side of the pocket is yellow is because I was careless about making the best use of my fabric when cutting, and ended up without a big enough piece of the white alphabet fabric to make a pocket out of. I almost didn’t have enough blue, either.

For tonight: I’m going to finish those pants. I swear. I’ll probably also start another pair, this time with fun pockets or cuffs instead of kneepads.



May 12 / 23:14
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