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Kids Clothes Week Challenge, Days 5-7: Back to Basics

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Day 5 was very rushed for sewing, so I focused on finishing Ezra’s plaid pants, which he wore that day to great acclaim from Nana and Papa Syd. They’re adorable and will be great summer pants since they’re so lightweight. The plaid hides dirt and wrinkles like a champ, too.

The weekend in general proved a little trickier for finding sewing time, and I definitely sensed myself losing focus and reverting back to my old habit of second-guessing ideas and changing my mind mid-project. For instance, Days 6 and 7 produced these crazy ruffly flower pants, which have great potential to be adorable, but aren’t quite right yet. Close, though.

I desperately wanted to squeeze every sewing minute out of this week, so I forged on ahead even as the carnage of thread snippings and fabric scraps gathered on every available surface. Hopefully when I’m not on such a determined mission, I can go slow enough to keep things a little neater. I also definitely need to reorganize that space to make it easier to keep clean.

But I definitely noticed that when I let myself get into that place of indecision and started throwing ideas at the clothes like crazy, I ended up with much more mess and was less happy with the results. So, that’s important to watch out for, too.

On the other hand, I loved the zone I got into when I was making those two pairs of pants for Ezra. They were simple, but not boring, and I adore the finished products. I am thrilled at how wearable they are, and I’m so proud of them. Next time I find myself frozen in a pile of fabrics and ruffles and pockets and ribbons and buttons, I will think of those pants, and bring it back to basics.

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