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Ezra is a heck of a stander. He takes a wide stance, and rocks back and forth from heel to toe, adjusting his balance. Recently he has taken to doing a full yoga squat, bringing his butt all the way to the ground, and then slowly standing back up again in a feat of incredible core strength.

But he’s not a walker.

The other day, his babysitter announced that he had taken five steps. I absolutely swear that it is not only out of every parent’s anxiety that the kid’s going to hit milestones when they’re away that I say this: no way. Didn’t happen. Not possible.

The truth is he has taken a few steps here and there, mostly just single steps that are more for balance than for forward movement. Sandy saw him take two small steps the other day before sitting down. We’ve tried holding out things high up in front of him that he wants, but he’s too smart for that trick, realizing that it would be way faster to drop to his knees, crawl over to us and pull back up to standing. Sometimes I think he’s rolling his eyes at us and our transparent parenting ruses.

It will be soon, though. He is definitely showing more interest in long-distance furniture cruising, moving from chair to chair to table to cabinet, and more interest in walking while we hold his hands. He walks impressive distances pushing things, especially the shopping cart toy he borrowed from his precocious walking friend Veronica. One of his second cousins, age 7, recently shared a revelation: “Did you know that when a baby is little and he can’t walk, you can put your arms under his armpits and make him walk?!” Pretty soon we won’t have to.


Nana Adrienne

Jun 2 / 21:03
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