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New friends II

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(A previous trip to the park)

The boy at the park looks to be about nine or ten, tall and wearing glasses that darken into sunglasses. He is running on the play structure, but when he sees Ezra, he comes to an immediate halt, gets down on his hands and knees and says hello. Then he starts talking to me, without pausing for breath. I am able to slip in one-word answers to some of his questions. This is what he says:

“Is this your baby? What’s his name? I love babies. I have a brother and sister. They’re both four. Where did you have your baby? Who was your doula? You didn’t have a doula? Who was your midwife? Amy? Amy what? Maybe my mom knows her. My mom is studying to be a doula. [A smaller boy holding a plastic dagger comes charging towards him.] OK, gotta go!”

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