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Oh, no

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For weeks I’ve been wondering about Ezra’s first words. He sort of says Mama, but only as a long, pitiful wail when he’s really upset. He was working on Daddy for a few days, but didn’t really use it to call out to or refer to his Daddy.

Then, a few days ago, I noticed a funny thing he was doing. He started to say “no,” while shaking his head. So I countered with an emphatic “yes,” while nodding, and he mimicked me (though his version is more of a “yeh”). We went back and forth all day, practicing Yeses and Nos. He started playing a hilarious kind of duck-duck-goose variant with us, faking us out with, “Yeh, yeh, yeh, yyyyyyyyy —- NO.”

In hindsight, I should perhaps have shut this down, rather than abetting it, because, Ladies and Gentlemen, Ezra has his first word, and it is NO.

It took about three days of practice for him to get it, but he now uses it with some skill, combining it with head shakes, hand gestures, and wails. “No!” [I don’t want another blueberry.] “No!” [I don’t want to be put in my crib.] Sadly, he doesn’t understand it quite as well when I use it, as in “No!” [Stop biting mama.]

While he doesn’t really understand Yes quite as well, he has picked up on the fact that sometimes the answer is Yes and sometime the answer is No. For instance, this morning, we were planning our upcoming trip to Minnesota:

Sandy: “Do you want to go through Galena?”
Ezra: “No”
Sandy: “Do you want to go through Spring Green?”
Ezra: “Yeh.”

It’s like he’s our very own Magic Eight Ball.


Nana Adrienne

Jun 17 / 21:59
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