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After a mini Wandering Weiszes style road trip through Wisconsin, we arrived on Thursday in Northfield, Minnesota, home of our friends Dan, Emily, and Ellie.

Northfield is not strengthening my case against Sandy’s not-so-secret desire to move out of the big city and into a smaller town in the upper midwest.

This town, for instance, features some of our very favorite people, in a spacious and lovely cottage just blocks from an adorable downtown featuring giant scoops of ice cream for $1.35. $1.35!

Ezra is following Ellie’s lead and becoming quite the little walker, and he is teaching her tricks as well, such as how to blow the vuvuzela. We’ve taken long walks in the arboretum and viewed Saturn at the college observatory and gone to the pool and watched a bike race and met some lovely new friends-of-friends. On the 4th, they dressed up as a town sheriff and pioneer lass. Ezra did pee in Ellie’s closet today, but we take that as a sign of true affection.

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