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Number two

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet Rummicub.

I’ll do the math for you: twenty months apart.

That’s two babies in diapers. That’s potentially two babies breastfeeding. That’s two babies and two adults in a Honda Fit, whose adorable compactness is now looking more like a serious lack of stuff-hauling space. That’s a couple of kids whose closeness in age will breed an awesome bond (we hope). That’s a boy who’s suddenly becoming an older brother, something he can bond with his dad about. That’s a younger kid whose complicated second-child emotions his its oldest-child parents will be totally at sea about. That’s twice the number of kids we have now and twice the number of grandkids our parents have now.

All these hopes and fears and more, as we head into the breach once again.

Sarah’s twelve-week ultrasound was today, and everything is looking top drawer. Judging his its size and other scientific measurements, they put Rummicub’s due date at February 14, almost precisely twenty months after Ezra’s. Twenty months. Wow.



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