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Show me your teeth

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Did you know you have to brush kids’ teeth for them? That they don’t do it themselves? As Ezra’s tooth count has grown, we’ve increased our efforts to introduce brushing into his nightly regimen, to little success. At first he thought it tickled, but soon decided the tickling wasn’t worth the discomfort, and would buck away at the mere sight of the brush.

Three days ago, I tried again, and suddenly, he was willing to accepted this fate. After 30 seconds of uninterrupted brushing, I tried it again, this time with toothpaste, sure that it would drive him over the edge. Again, no challenge. He squirmed a little, but the amount of tooth coverage I got versus earlier was an order of magnitude greater. Progress. Of course, who knows how long it’ll last. So we took some documentation:

He’s very pleased with himself.



Oct 14 / 21:42
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