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I get this question a lot: “So, how does this pregnancy compare to last time?”

It’s still amazing. At our first ultrasound, the tech told us that my placenta was anterior (attached to the front of my uterus), which often means that you don’t feel as much kicking. I was kind of disappointed, but I needn’t have worried. Rummicub knows her way around a uterus. She is a puncher and a kicker and a roller and a bumper, and I feel her moving around in there all the time. It is just as thrilling the second time around. I still spend most of every day with one hand on my belly, excited every time a round lump of baby rises to the surface, which is increasingly frequent. I still don’t know what I’m feeling in there — butt, head, feet, knees — but I know it’s the coolest. I giggle every time Ezra leans back against me while we’re reading books and I feel a little jut of Rummicub poke out towards him. He doesn’t seem to notice, but I think it’s hilarious.

But, it’s also a little harder. When I considered the things that would be tough about having kids close together, I never thought that the very first issue would be that Ezra simply isn’t quite old enough to reliably walk up the stairs (or down them, or down the block) on his own, or even holding my hand. He wants to be carried. A lot. And he weighs 30 pounds. And so does all this pregnancy weight. And so do the groceries.

The upshot of that is that my back has been killing me. I had sacroiliac joint pain with Ezra, too, but this time it started earlier and has been much more intense. I finally went to physical therapy after Sandy got us health insurance, and the PT looked sternly at me holding Ezra on my left hip and said, “I’d make a bet with you about your hips being out of alignment, but it wouldn’t be fair to take your money, because I’m absolutely right about this.” And she was. My right hip was just hanging out a full inch higher than the left before she wrenched it all back into place. I think the PT is going to help, but I still wake up with achy hips three times a night.

And then there’s my bladder. At the end of my pregnancy with Ezra, for maybe the last month, I felt some intense pressure. With Rummicub, it started weeks ago. My muscles are just already relaxing into place, knowing what they’re going to have to do, and starting the process a little early. I’m sure that’s great and all, but I could have used a few more weeks before all the painful downward jabbing started.

And with that, I’ll leave you with this text message exchange:


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