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Sunday February 20, 2005 // By Sandy

Aaaaand we're back

Sorry for the dearth of posts around here. Sarah and I were on vacation in Costa Rica for about a week and a half, and while we were there we wanted nothing to do with computers, the Internet, or really, any of the outside world. It was a successful effort, but it came at the expense of leaving this blog untouched. But we’re back now, with many stories about our Latin American adventures.

It’s a great test of a relationship to take a long vacation together—to spend every. waking. moment. with someone—and I’m happy to say we got on each other’s nerves with little frequency. I guess we’ve sort of gotten used to that by living with each other. The upshot is it turns out we actually like being with one another, which I think we can all agree is rockin’ good news.

Sarah and I came up with a sybiosis of sorts regarding our responsibilties on this trip. Sarah’s role was: She Who Handles The Medicine. I happened to get ill for about a day and half of our trip—nothing debilitating, probably altitude sickness—and it was fortuante to have the Medicine Handler around to tell me what to take and when. Had I been on my own, who knows what kind of drug cocktail I would have submitted my system to. Meanwhile, my role was: He Who Gets Sarah Into Bodies Of Water She Might Not Otherwise Get Into. You’d be surprised how often this skill became useful. My general feeling on this trip was, I’m on vacation in the tropics, I’m taking every chance I can to go swimming outdoors. And without fail, anytime I was able to convince an otherwise skeptical Sarah to follow me in, she was happy she did.

Here are a few shots of our watery adventures:

Swimming near the waterfall

Hot spring waterfall

Cooling off

Washed up

More can be seen on my Flickr album of the trip, where I’ll be slowly uploading more pictures over the next week.

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