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In the last four days, Ezra has doubled his vocabulary. He’s been rattling off animal sounds for weeks, but on Friday he started saying “bird” and “cat” pretty consistently. Now he can also do “dog.” He says “on” when he wants to turn on a light. He suddenly says “apple,” “cracker,” and “cereal.” Last night he started saying “bath.”

Some of these are a bit hard to interpret: “apple” and “Bubbles” sound almost identical, and the distinction is all in the inflection and tone, like an Asian language. Cereal is “yull,” bird is “beeyoo.” He’s also got a mantra that we don’t totally understand, chanting “oh gee” over and over again. Perhaps he is an Original Gangsta.

His vocabulary of ideas and sounds is expanding rapidly at the same time. He can now do a rather intimidating chomping motion to mimic a crocodile, and if I ask him what a bee does, he tickles himself under the armpits and buzzes the way I do when we get to the bumblebee page in one of his books. He refers to his favorite book, Hop on Pop as “bop bop.” On Monday I taught him where his cheeks are, but for some reason when I say “Ezra, where are your cheeks?” he kisses me on my cheek. It melts me with the cute.

What’s amazing, of course, is not that my 18-month-old can say “apple” or buzz like a bee. It’s more the intense speed with which new words come into his vocabulary. One day he cannot say “apple,” the next day he can. I love wondering what words and concepts and tricks will come next. I’d be happy with anything, as long as it’s not either of Sandy’s current pet projects: trying to get him to string “why” and “me” together into one phrase, or teaching him to slap his own butt when someone says “humps.”




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