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A family of friends

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Last weekend was our third annual trip to Galena, where we rent a house with a few friends and sit around the fire reading, knitting, playing games, and occasionally venturing out to cross-country ski (or, this year, sled).

The trip was a vivid reminder of how lucky we are to have such amazing friends. And, more than that, a reminder of how lovely it is as a parent to have some friends who aren’t — whether they are planning to have kids down the road or not. I treasure my non-parent friends for their seemingly boundless supply of energy to spare for Ezra and their remarkable flexibility as we’ve tailored our (and, by extension, their) social calendar to fit the demands of our kid.

Ezra, for his part, lapped up the attention from his five doting aunties and uncles, and was at his very cutest for most of the weekend. He only stole everyone’s iPhones a few times, and I only caught him actually putting events on Stacey’s calendar once. Luke and Stacey even agreed to share a room so that Ezra could have his own room, and it meant that he slept through the night both nights, which is unheard of for him on a trip.

My favorite moment of the whole trip was when Stacey and Jenni told me to go upstairs and take a nap, and instead, I stayed up listening to them delight my child with crazy finger puppet games and peeking over the railing to see the fun. It was a rare chance to witness him interacting with others when I’m not around, and it just cemented for me that I’ve clearly won both the friend and child lotteries.

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