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We’re really in the home stretch now. Rummicub is due on February 14, which means I’m full term and could easily have her any time. Ezra was a week late, as first babies often are, but there’s no reason to think that Rummicub will be as patient.

Oddly, some of the physical discomfort has suddenly become easier to bear. My back pain has eased up as she’s gotten lower and lower, which is a relief. And strangely enough, I find that the intense bladder pain that I’m feeling now that she’s really put her whole head right down on top of it is somehow less frustrating than the low level ache that I’ve had for weeks. It’s like the intensity is a reminder that this is almost over.

She is, like Ezra was, a mover and a pusher, and I can pretty much always feel her back and butt forced out against me. Her smaller, jabbier limbs will dart out a few times a day, poking me in the side before swimming back into the ether of my abdomen. She’s so close to the surface that she will notice if I get too close to a table at the coffeeshop or rest my laptop on her, and will push out to meet the resistance, leading to some hilariously, visibly lumpy belly configurations.

Like last time, I can spend hours of my day with one hand resting on her, feeling the amazing sensation of her moving around. I know it will be gone soon, and I’m trying, hopelessly, to capture the feeling for later.

Like last time, too, I am reading and re-reading Penny Simkin in the bathroom (where I spend a good percentage of every day; there is nothing so boring and oppressive as having to pee every half hour), trying to maintain the sense that I will recognize labor when it begins and that I will be able to adapt to it as it happens.

Perhaps Rummicub’s labor will be a bit longer than Ezra’s precipitate arrival three hours after I went from no contractions to water breaking and intense contractions two minutes apart in under thirty minutes. Perhaps this time there will be a bit of buildup, a bit of time to call our parents over to babysit and gather our things together for the hospital.

Or perhaps it will be even faster than last time, and we will find ourselves frantically calling neighbors to hold down the fort as we rush off, trying desperately to avoid having to deliver our own baby in the bathroom.

Either way, it will be exciting and amazing. And soon. Really soon.

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