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What's in mama's belly?

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We taught Ezra weeks ago to say “baby!” when asked “what’s in mama’s belly,” but in recent days, he’s become obsessed with my belly. He demands to see the baby, pulling my shirt up and my maternity pants down. He pats, then hits, then kisses, then hugs my belly. I tell him that there’s a baby hidden inside, but that she’ll be coming out soon to meet him. He has no idea what I’m talking about, but I like to pretend that he does.

He also loves reading our favorite big brother book over and over again. On the first page it says, “Someone new is at our house — do you know who it is?” and without fail when I ask him who it is as I turn the page, he yells “baby!” with great excitement. He also points at babies in strollers on the street and loves peeking at the new babies he’s met recently. I know that our real baby, who will cry and take mama’s attention will be much less compelling for him than these other babies, who can be closed back into a book or wheeled back to their own houses, but I’ll take all the encouragement I can get.


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Jan 31 / 22:51

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