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Blizzard baby prevention

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It would have been a great story. The emergency snowmobile dragging me to the hospital over snowy streets while I tried desperately not to deliver the baby on California. Or, Sandy, gallantly delivering our baby on the bathroom floor while Ezra read himself some Dr. Seuss.

As much as I love a good story, I didn’t actually want to be the blizzard baby mom, but from Tuesday to Friday, our streets remained unplowed, our car trapped in a giant snow drift in an inaccessible alley. Should Rummicub have decided to make an early entry (I’m not actually due until the 14th), we really would have ended up in the newspaper.

So, I spent Snowpocalypse 2011 doing everything I could to avoid going into labor, and it was lovely. I made a nest for Ezra and me on the futon in his room, and we spent hours laying down together reading stories. I spent Ezra’s naps resting on the couch, reading the New Yorker, and evenings watching Downton Abbey on Tivo. Sandy and Ezra took a few trips out in the snow, and they enticed me out there for a quick jaunt out to Rockwell to get dinner on Wednesday, but mostly I stayed lazily on my side. There were some contraction-y stretches that made me anxious, but I didn’t go into labor, and Rummicub remains snuggled inside.

Now, with our car freed, our streets plowed, and the weekly shift of my least favorite midwife past, I am ready. It’s time for all the pro-labor stuff I avoided all week like long walks in the snow and spicy foods. On the other hand, I still plan to spend hours every day on the futon snuggling with my boy, because it’s awesome.


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