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Thursday March 3, 2005 // By Sandy


Sunday we had our annual Oscar party. This is a tradition that I’ve carried on from my high school days, mostly because I like movies and like hosting parties, but partially because I’ve always felt obligated that the one with the biggest TV set should host the party centered around watching television. The TV in question is in fact the same one that was in the basement of my house growing up, and while it’s beginning to show its age, it’s still humungous, and still does a great job of entertaining lots of people at once.

We’ve talked before about our penchant for hosting, and at least on my side I can thank my parents for that. We had lots of parties at my house growing up, and I was always impressed with the amount of thought that went into them. There’d always be a buffet overflowing with platter upon platter of delicious food, either homemade or catered, and it must have been clear to me early on how well food serves as the path to a guest’s heart. And my parents would rarely settle for just a party for partying’s sake; my dad would often spend lots of time and effort conceiving of a theme and activities for our guests to participate in. I remember one year we had an election party—must have been ‘92—and he came up with this 40-plus-question election-themed trivia quiz that involved charicatures of the various presidents pasted up around our living room. I loved it; hard to say how jazzed the guests were about taking a quiz when all they wanted to do was get blitzed in case Bush got re-elected.

I’ve inherited much of this verve for hosting, and combined with the verve Sarah brings to the table, we’ve got a lethal dose of entertaining verve to throw any which way we please. Often this involves the cooking and baking of theme-related party food. The easiest and most satisfying time to do this is for the Oscars. It’s an annual exercise to spend the weeks leading up to Oscar weekend coming up with ideas for dishes. This year we outdid ourselves and came up with ten things:

  • Wings – The Aviator
  • Punch – Million Dollar Baby
  • Lemon Meringue Pie – Million Dollar Baby
  • Peter Pan Peanut Butter Cookes – Finding Neverland
  • Black & White Cookies – Ray
  • Satays w/ Merlot Sauce – Sideways
  • Humungous Grapes – Maria Full of Grace
  • Clementines – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Incredible Deviled Eggs – The Incredibles
  • Spiced Apple ____cider – Hotel Rwanda

I can’t even write out that last one it’s so offensive and tasteless. Most partygoers seemed to appreciate it, and not immediately walk out the door, thankfully.

Some of our guests brought their own thematic treats:

  • Lemony Snickets – Lemony Snicket’s ASOUE (Adrienne)
  • American “White Trash” Spaghetti – Super Size Me (Amy)
  • Prof. Kinsey’s Hot Nuts – Kinsey (Adrienne)
  • A Very Long Encasement – A Very Long Engagement (Bob)

All in all, a successful event. Chris, a friend of my mom’s, scored the highest in the pool and walked away with the coveted chocolate Oscar. I’m already looking forward to next year’s party, and with every new movie that comes out, I’m already thinking of what kind of dish to make if it gets nominated. Such is my fanaticism.

Chris gives his acceptance speech (by Luke)
Chris gives his acceptance speech (by Luke)

(More photos of the event can be found in Luke’s flickr photostream.)

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