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“Again” is one of Ezra’s very favorite words. It sounds like “den,” but with a weirdly heavy emphasis on the final consonant. He uses it as kind of an all-purpose “make it happen,” saying it while handing us a book or pointing at a silent electronic device. Or, when he wants me to make the CTA bend to his will:

His newfound love of watching the trains go by is intense. He would have stayed, shivering, at the train station for another hour. Maybe more. The whole way home he sadly wailed, “choo-choo? choo-choo?” and then, in a feat of linguistic desperation, formed one of his very first two-word phrases, “choo-choo dennnnn?” We stood on the corner before coming home, waiting for one last train to come by, and then I took a very weepy guy home to dream about his next Brown Line sighting.

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