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Here are some of the places Zella has napped recently: in a sling at open gym at Horner Park, in a sling at Indian Boundary Park, in a stroller while Ezra watched the choo-choos at Rockwell, in the shopping cart at Target, and in a car seat on the floor of my room after coming home from one of Ezra’s playdates.

So, whenever we get the great luxury of timing for her to take a serious nap, I do it up. There’s some leisurely nursing (during which I indulge in a little daytime Netflix), some careful swaddling, and a lullabye, before I lay her gently in a quiet, dim room for as long as I possibly can before we have to head out into the noisy world again.

(That’s the snuggler from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby.)

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