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Kids Clothes Week Challenge 2011, Day One

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It’s the Kids Clothes Week Challenge again.

I had a false start to KCWC this year. For some reason I thought it started on Sunday night. Lucky, because I had to get this terrible idea out of the way. Ugh.

Then, last night I got started for real. A few years ago, picking up old sheets to use as tablecloths and curtains for one of our puzzle days, I found a gorgeous duvet cover. Orange, red, and yellow flowers on a white background, gauzy and soft. I’ve been wanting to make myself a skirt out of it since day one, and have never gotten to it. So, in anticipation of some awesome mommy-daughter matchy-matchy days this summer, I’m kicking off KCWC with a dress for Zella. It’s another Simplicity 3808, my go-to dress.

A few problems. First of all, this fabric is old as hell. Washed to death. Falling apart. I cut the pieces and then noticed two holes in the front. So I examined the fabric, found another good spot, cut another front, and immediately found another hole. Front #3 appears to be hole-free, at least for now, but I’m now beginning to fear that this whole thing is going to simply dissolve as soon as it’s done.

Also, I’ve never been 100% sold on the front pleats on the 3808 pattern. I’ve done ‘em as written and I’ve shirred instead, and both work fine. But I’ve been trying to figure out something else that will make me happier. I think it’s going to be pintucks. I practiced on the front with the holes, and it’s super cute. Except for these lunatic bobbin nests (I think I’ve figured out what’s causing them), and the fact that I am way to lazy to mark the spacing of the tucks in any way that will make them turn out even. It will look homey!

I think I can finish it tonight, and maybe even get the pieces cut for some matching bloomers. Bloomers!

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