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Monday March 14, 2005 // By Sarah

Home Alone

So that there are no secrets between me and Sandy, I will now confess some of the crazy things I have done since he left for Texas on Friday:

1. Ate oatmeal for dinner, with a grapefruit for dessert. (I feel that I must explain that this is actually a terrific treat for me, not a sad statement of loneliness).

2. Watched Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and L&O: Trial By Jury and Nanny 911 (which, by the way, totally rules).

3. Ate leftovers from someone else’s house because they felt sorry for me being all alone and were a little concerned I might eat oatmeal for dinner again, which would in fact tip it into the sad statement of loneliness category. (Thanks, Stacey and Levi!)

4. Watched many episodes of Arrested Development, including some that I had seen before.

I do believe I’m ready for him to come home now.

note: While I did do all those things, I hereby defend my integrity by mentioning that I did some other things, too. Cooler, more responsible and intelligent things. I met friends for brunch, called my grandma…oh, what’s the point.

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