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Kids vs. Sleep

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Here’s Ezra, enjoying his magical new monkey quilt, courtesy of Grandma Amy (“Gammy,” or sometimes “Gummy.”) It’s soft and cozy and amazing. It’s the nicest thing about sleep in our house these days, and Ezra loves cuddling up on it. Or at least near it.

Meanwhile, the never-ending struggle of kids vs. sleep is taking a turn for the worse around here.

Ezra is beginning to believe naps are for suckers. I have started hearing suspicious noises from his room during naptime, and occasionally walk in on him in a state of extreme mischief.

Once he discovered that through sheer force of will he could put naptime up for grabs, he started chipping away at bedtime, formerly a magical time of goodwill. He got demanding: suddenly he was starving every night right as the lights went out, and only a specific song would do.

Then, suddenly, after months of waking up just once a night, Zella started getting up two, three, four times each night, and wanting to nurse for long, luxurious stretches of time. I became delirious from sleep deprivation pretty quickly. Even so, something about this seemed familiar. Eventually, I remembered. Or, more accurately, I did a search of my old emails and chat transcripts. Turns out, it was a hard couple of months, back in October ’09, as Ezra and his pals went through some developmental leaps that made sleeping hard. Rolling over onto their tummies and waking up surprised and scared, for instance. It’s an actual internet verified thing, this four month sleep regression.

So, we’re experimenting with tummy sleeping, now that Zella is flipping over with ease, and she does seem to like to sleep that way. Unfortunately, her precocious flipping skills came hand-in-hand with some proto-crawling in which she will scooch her head right into the corner of the bassinet, a location she finds decidedly unpleasant.

When Ezra went through this, one thing that helped me was to move him to his own room, so I wouldn’t wake up from his every snort and snuffle as he moved himself all around. Unfortunately for me and for Zella, she’s stuck in her tiny bassinet until we can figure out how to move her into what is now Ezra’s room without throwing their sleep off further. Alas, Ezra’s current favorite game is “awake/asleep,” in which I pretend to sleep and he squeals and wakes me up, and I am not gaining much traction in my quest to explain the fine distinction between mama’s playful snores and precious baby naps.


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