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Dear Zella: Month Seven

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Dear Zella,

A few days ago, I sat you down in your crib. You don’t sleep there yet — for now you’re still camping out in a pack ‘n play in the office — but sometimes I toss you in there for a little playtime while I’m changing Ezra’s clothes. I walked away for a bit, and when I came back, you were clutching the side rail and standing up. What?

You are fast, fast, fast and strong, strong, strong. Crawling, climbing, holding your own weight when we prop your arms on a couch or coffee table. Sometimes when you are taking a break from crawling across the room, you will push yourself up on your toes, doing a perfect downward-facing dog.

You are asserting yourself in lots of ways recently. Suddenly, you want a morning nap. After months of nodding off in a stroller or sling while Ezra and I go about our morning business, sometimes as late as 10 or 11 in the morning, you have started being very vocal about your desire to go to sleep at 9. You want an earlier, shorter afternoon nap (damn). And while we used to be able to double-team you guys at bedtime, putting you both down around 8, you’d like to be perfectly clear: your bedtime is 6:30.

On the other hand, you’re finally, finally, being a pal and letting other people give you milk. I got you a few soft sippy cups, and the other night you downed a whole cupful for the babysitter and let her put you to bed. Before bed, though, you got her to give you some avocado, a few steamed apple slices, and a wheat cracker. You don’t actually get all that much food swallowed, but boy do you enjoy interacting with it.

You are so much smaller than Ezra was at your age, that I sometimes get confused. I want to feed you solids in Ezra’s high chair, but you slump back, unable to fill the cavernous space that he filled quite solidly at seven months. You only recently started to like the doorway jumper, because the rim used to come up to your eyes. I put you in some pajamas the other night that were so big that you were able to completely retract your legs into them, with both feet eventually ending up jammed together in one leg. Ezra was wearing those at four months.

But what you lack in size you make up for with sheer joyful pluckiness. You love playing with other babies, showing much more interest in them than I remember Ezra showing at this age. Your very favorite thing is when Ezra literally rolls over you with his giant toddler arms flailing. You laugh and laugh and laugh.

From one short girl to another, I love you as tall as the sky,



Nana Adrienne

Sep 14 / 16:50

Gram Amy

Sep 14 / 17:35
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