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Sunday March 20, 2005 // By Sandy

Season two: Winter '05

Today’s the first day of spring. Time again for a season-in-review. Posting hasn’t been as frequent in the past three months as it had been in the first three. Chalk this up to current laziness or initial overzealousness, as long as we each get a post in every week, I’ll feel good about fulfilling our original intent. So what happened in season two? Let’s see…

By the time winter began, we had exhausted our original surge of home fixing-upping. While I can’t say we were satisfied with the state of decor and furniture arrangement, we were certainly content enough to let it stand for the winter. Winter’s a season for resting, digging in, and cuddling up, not for home improvement. Accordingly, very little in that vein happened over the last few months. The greatest achievement was probably Sarah’s bootleg reuphostering of our comfy chair, a task done as much out of repulsion for the chair’s original state than anything else. But other than that, things—as in the inanimate—stayed pretty much as they were.

The animate, on the other hand, got a move on. Of the last six weekends, the home has enjoyed the company of both of us only once. In order, we’ve been to: Costa Rica (both), San Francisco (Sarah), New York (both) and Austin (Sandy). That certainly explains the lack of motivation to do housework, as well as why we’re not nearly as stricken with S.A.D. as your average Chicagoan. Relationship-wise, being away from each other for stretches of a time can be disappointing, but it always makes those mini-reunions ever so sweet.

Sandwiched in between all that jetsetting has been many instances of game-playing and party-hosting. February saw Titania’s first Oscar party, a raging success. I’ve noticed ourselves finding the hosting job much less stressful the more parties we have. Our timing and food preparation estimation has gotten better. I think we’re finally getting the hang of it.

Meanwhile, you can tell we’ve become seriously domesticated now that we’ve succumbed to the allure of NetFlix. Or, wait—did we hit that mark when I started letting Sarah buy my pants for me? Or was it when I became trained to put the toilet seat down—for the sake of our cats?

Sigh. I don’t know when it was precisely, but with it went a little piece of my masculinity, flying off into the ether. With six months down, and many, many more to go, will I find it again, or will he be joined by more of his brethren? Place your bets, then stay tuned to find out.

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