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Sleeping arrangements

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Yesterday, I put Ezra and Zella in their room — more on that in a moment — for a nap, Ezra in his bed, Zella in her crib.

After a few moments of sweet quiet, I heard some banging, a little crying, some giggling. None of that is entirely unusual, but it continued for a while and seemed to be picking up rather than dying down, which is my cue to check in.

What I found was both of my kids in the crib.

“How did you get in there?” I asked Ezra. “Ezra flipped,” he answered nonchalantly, while Zella gazed at him and grinned.

Later Sandy and I got him to re-enact his trick, which, like any new trick, he is eager to perform all the time:

It is a tiny somersaulting hiccup in the basically painless transition we’ve had from Zella sleeping in a pack ‘n play in the office to the kids sharing a room. We’d been putting of the transition for months, struggling to figure out how to make it work. Sandy’s mom kept telling us not to worry, that the kids would actually like it, that they’d calm each other down. I kept putting it off. She was right.

On a whim, I decided to try it last week. There was a lot of crying from Zella at first. I went in, planning to whisk Zella away from this failed experiment, but Ezra, who had already fallen asleep, even as she continue bawling, raised his sleepy head, saw me lifting her from the crib, and began wailing himself. “No! Zella stay! Zella sleep!” A little more nursing and another song, and then both kids were sleeping in the same room.

Nighttime has been pretty smooth sailing, with Ezra waking up less and less each night when I go in to nurse her. (The first night: “Hello, Mama! Zella awake!” The fourth night: “Mama…Zella…milk…sleep…zzzzz.”

Naps? Well, I may have to come to terms with both kids napping in the crib. Until then, we will probably continue to have scenes like today, where I told Ezra, “If you go in Zella’s crib during nap time, she’ll have to go to the other room, and I’ll give you a time out.” He did, she did, I did. Sigh.

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