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Sleeping arrangements II: I take it all back

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A few weeks ago, I was a brilliant mom with perfect children. Getting Ezra into big boy bed? Cake. Moving Zella into his room? Easy-peasy. A few minor hiccups, but mostly smooth sailing. To my friends I was humble, “oh, it’s just luck, they’re easygoing kids,” but in my mind, I was clearly the awesomest.

Turns out, it was just luck. And our luck turned. After several uneventful weeks, the facade began to crumble. First it was just this, and Ezra would only do that trick during the daylight. So, I decided to separate them for naps, flipping the crib mattress up to make it inaccessible to Ezra’s tricks. Then, one night, bleary-eyed, I opened the door to their room to nurse a wakeful Zella, and discovered that Ezra was fast asleep in the crib with her. So much for only doing his trick during the day. And while the sight was hands-down the cutest thing ever, Ezra’s tendency to sit on Zella’s head and not get up quickly when she cries, and his propensity for bringing an excessively large entourage of smothery stuffed friends everywhere he goes makes me just nervous enough to draw the line.

From there, it just got worse and worse. Intent on keeping them in the same room, we tried putting Zella’s pack ‘n play in their room, and letting Ezra sleep in the crib. But then he wanted to sleep in the pack ‘n play, because Zella was there. So we switched them, and then he wanted to switch back. He demolished the pack ‘n play mattress, flung his leg distressingly over the side of it attempting to escape, and kept Zella awake day and night with crazy singing and jumping shows.

Last week, Sandy was in Seattle for three nights for business, and I decided that it was time to backtrack. Zella is now back in the office until Ezra is consistently back in his big bed and has lost interest in crib-climbing. We’re not making much progress. I did get Ezra back in his big bed for a nap and a night, but the next day he was back to demanding the crib.

I get it: this is his regression, the one we had heard we might see when Zella was born. He held it at bay for eight months, but here it is. So, we wait and hope the crib starts to feel boring and small while the bed starts to look giant and awesome and fun again. And wait. And wait.

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