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Tuesday March 29, 2005 // By Sandy

A new frame of mind

There’s a poster of mine that’s been sitting in a cardboard tube for about four years. It’s a print of the cyclogram made aboard the Salyut 6, signed by Edward Tufte. It’s not that I like it less than all my other posters; quite the opposite. But I know my own limitations when it comes to treating art properly, and I never wanted to just tack this to the wall like so many concert posters. So this one stayed tucked away until I could find a properly sized frame—which never happened. So in the tube it sat.

A number of months ago I bought another poster that I knew I would value highly. It’s a Jay Ryan silkscreen print bought at his poster show at Columbia College. Like the Tufte, the Ryan print had unconventional dimensions, and properly sized pre-fab frames were nowhere to be found. Soon it became apparent: if I wanted these on the wall, I’d have to get them framed, or frame them myself.

Lining it up

Thus are the circumstances that led us to spend two and a half hours constructing our own frames at The Great Frame-Up on Saturday. When we went in to order the frame several weeks earlier, the clerk warned us it would take that long to frame our two posters, yet we didn’t really believe him. Now I know, and now I have newfound appreciation for the framers of the world. It’s a tedious, labor-intensive task, though when its over, it’s a joy to hold up this construction you just created out of four sticks and some glue.

Waiting for the glue to set

Now these two posters hang on our walls, one above our desk and one in the front hallway. The posters themselves are beautiful creations, and certainly are deserving of the extra effort their owners went through to display them. I’d post pictures of them here, but I don’t want to ruin the pleasure of seeing them in person. You’ll just have to come over yourself and see.

A framed masterpiece

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